About Us


To create a world where medical services can be accessed with technology anywhere, anytime


  • Think deeply and strategically.
  • Opt for a path that has a greater impact.
  • Moving ahead while maintaining high quality and speed.
  • Have an open and respectful mind.
  • Treasure positivity and creativity.

Board Members

  • CEO

    Osamu Iizuka

    An undergraduate of the Department of Medicine, Kyushu Univ. School of Medicine. Osamu has many experiences of developing software in Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Web. After working as a web-engineer in a startup, and winning first place at a pitch competition in Silicon Valley, he founded Medmain with a few members from Kyushu University.

  • Board of Director

    Masayuki Tsuneki

    Worked at Niigata University, Yale University, and National Cancer Center as a pathology researcher, a pathologist, and an academic teacher. Throughout his career, Masayuki had been working on research on molecular pathology, particularly related to carcinogenesis. He is eager to create a new technology that can provide an objective diagnosis in the field of clinical pathology. With his professional knowledge of human pathology, Masayuki has strength in international academic researches.

  • Outside Director

    Katsumasa Niki

    As the head of the investment division of the SoftBank Group Corp., until 2016, he was in charge of investment projects at various stages both in Japan and overseas. He has been involved in major M&A such as Vodafone K.K. and Sprint, as well as investments in foreign technology companies and start-ups, and serves on the board of directors at both international and domestic companies. He has also served as an investment committee member at several domestic and international VCs. He currently supports start-ups as an AI-focused incubator and a president and CEO of VC DEEPCORE.

  • Outside Director

    Shigeo Nakano

    After graduating from Keio University School of Medicine and Graduate School of the same university, he worked at University of Occupational and Environmental Health and the Pathology Department of Saga Medical University. After that, he was engaged in research on skin pathology diagnosis at the Dermatopathology Laboratory of Thomas Jefferson University in the United States. After returning to Japan, he established a medical institution specializing in pathological diagnosis, and is currently engaged in hospital management and pathological diagnosis as the chief of the Kanto Regional Headquarters of the Kamachi Group and the general manager of pathological diagnosis department. His specialty is dermatopathology.


Company name Medmain Inc.
Office [ Fukuoka ]
104,2-4-5 Akasaka Chuo-ku Fukuoka, 810-0042 Japan
[ Tokyo ] Aoyama Building 2F, 2-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan
[ US ] 212 Homer Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 USA (Medmain USA Inc.)
CEO Osamu Iizuka
Date founded Jan 11th 2018
Capital JPY 1,190,000,000
(Capital reserve included)
Main business activities Planning, development, operation and sales of medical software products, cloud service