| Press Release

Releasing the α-version of the software for pathological image diagnoses using AI, PidPort.

[What is PidPort?]
It is a Pathological Image Diagnosis software which relies on AI to achieve smart analysis, then produce a highly accurate result. We use Deep Learning technology combined with our own image processing techniques to make instantaneous pathological diagnosis a reality. In cooperation with large hospitals across the globe, we use a supercomputer to develop the application. It will be available via the web app and desktop application.
In this one year, we will release PidPort to all over the world.

[How to Use PidPort]
1:Import the patient’s data and pathological image into PidPort.
2:Check the condition you want to diagnose, and press “Analyze”.
3:Pathologists reviews the diagnostic results.

[The Accuracy Grows Sustainably]
Users send image data to Web Server. Web Server returns the result to them based on the analysis with Deep Learning.
Then, PidPort sends the image data to Supercomputer for the new learning.
This is how we can brush up the accuracy of PidPort sustainably.

[About the α-Version of PidPort]
On α-Version, we are aiming at testing its functions and getting feedbacks from users. Also, the targeting organs are limited at this moment, and we will update this frequently based on the feedbacks, Some users are from foreign countries, s the variety of feedbacks & data is secured.

We are also willing to work with new hospitals, so if you were interested in PidPort, please feel free to access the link below: